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Top Stories We Are Following Today 2-23-23

In this episode Scott Becker discusses:

  1. Futures point up today after an awful last week in the markets. Yesterday, the Dow and S&P 500 were down but the Nasdaq registered a small gain.
  2. Nvidia reported good results for the first quarter even though the rest of the chip industry seemed to report awful results.
  3. Read “Bond king Jeff Gundlach- Here comes the hard economic landing” – Brian Sozzi at Yahoo Finance.
  4. The Fed faces a daunting task in fighting inflation and using rate hikes to fight them. The borrowing costs can be crushing, and the Fed is fighting the US government which keeps spending more than it brings in and thus also adds to inflation.
  5. Jobless claims came in low this week at 192,000. This means the labor market remains tight and the Fed may stay aggressive.
  6. As the West backs Ukraine and China back Russia, this has the potential to escalate if world leaders can’t find a way to engage here with Ukraine and Russia.
  7. And more!


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