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Becker Private Equity & Business Podcast

9 Stories We Are Following This AM 1-18-23

In this episode Scott Becker discusses:

  1. The markets were mixed yesterday with the Nasdaq slightly up and the S&P 500 and Dow slightly down.
  2. Futures point up early this AM.
  3. Bitcoin continues to rise as its back at $21,000.
  4. Oil is rising again and is up to $82 a barrel.
  5. Cannabis is recovering from an awful fourth quarter and last year.
  6. The 10 year opens flat at 3.53%.
  7. The 1 year treasury has dipped to 4.67%.
  8. Goldman Sachs stock dropped nearly 7% yesterday as it missed Q4 earnings forecasts.
  9. Party City files for bankruptcy.

And more!


Becker Private Equity & Business Podcast

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