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Becker Private Equity & Business Podcast

Top Stories We Are Following Today 3-1-23

In this episode Scott Becker discusses:

  1. Futures point up this AM for the first time in what seems like a while.
  2. Markets fell yesterday with the Dow down .70%, the Nasdaq down .10%, and the S&P 500 down .30%.
  3. The 10 year yield is right around 3.91% and the 1 year is around 5.03%.
  4. GM announced it is cutting jobs to try and become more profitable.
  5. Rivian reported that it lost $4.3 billion last year.
  6. President Biden says he intends to raise taxes in his next budget proposal.
  7. The student loan relief effort is in front of the Supreme Court.
  8. Goldman was down nearly 4% yesterday.
  9. HP saw sales drop nearly 19% in the last quarter.
  10. And more!


Becker Private Equity & Business Podcast

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