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8 Stories We are Following Today 2-17-23

In this episode Scott Becker discusses:

  1. The big news yesterday was the markets dropping significantly on signs of continued inflation and in turn the perception the Fed will stay aggressive in raising rates.
  2. The Nasdaq dropped 1.8%, the Dow 1.3%, and the S&P 500 1.4%.
  3. The labor market remains tight. Thank goodness given the extent of debt consumers are taking on.
  4. Consumer spending remains strong but it’s being propelled by consumer debt.
  5. Futures point down today.
  6. DocuSign announces layoffs.
  7. Lenovo sees sales drop nearly 25% as personal computer sales slow.
  8. DoorDash sales rose greatly last year and last quarter as a whole generation of Americans becomes lazier and relies more on delivery.


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