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14 Stories We Are Following This AM 1-20-23

In this episoe Scott Becker discusses:

  1. The markets fell again yesterday.
  2. Futures are flat this AM.
  3. New jobless claims came in low at 190,000.
  4. Google announced job cuts of 12,000 people, 6% of its workforce.
  5. Progressive lawmakers in blue states are pushing in a coordinated way to raises taxes on the wealthy.
  6. Jamie Dimon the well-regarded CEO of JP Morgan made $34 million last year.
  7. Reid Hastings the noted founder of Netflix is moving to the role of Executive Chairman from Co-Ceo.
  8. Crypto lender Genesis files for bankruptcy.
  9. Bank profits were largely up year over year this past quarter, but investment bank profits were way down.

And more!


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